Physics 161 General Physics
Mechanics and Particle Dynamics

Spring 2009
Sections 0301-0306

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  1. Solutions to HW9 [PDF]

  2. Exam 3 Prepartion: Here is a review sheet for exam 3 [PDF-Review Sheet]. There is no practice exam this time. (The exam from last term did not match in terms of what we are .) Make up your own problems by varying the physical situations that we have talked about. Or re-think a situation that we talked about in the first part of the course, now in terms of energy, momentum, work, and impulse. Especially go over the HW 7, 8, and 9 as well as the solutions! If you have questions about anything in the solution, you should be trying to resolve that: talk to a friend from class, to your TA, or to me.
    Don't avoid confusions; seek them out and resolve them!

  3. Assignment 9 [Click to Download]

  4. Assignment 8 Solutions [Click to Download]

  5. Chapter 9 and 10 on Energy from Understanding Physics is posted on Blackboard. Another chapter on conservation of energy from Birkett and Elby (unpublished) is posted on Blackboard

  6. Exam2 has been graded. The average is 24.3 (a slight improvement over the last exam). Click here to get more information about the grades (distribution, grade cuts, etc.) on second exam and about regrade requests.

  7. Here are the solutions to the second exam [Click to Download]
    This is required reading

  8. Here is the 7th Assignemnt [Click to Download]
    This is due in class on Friday, April 10th

  9. Chapter 7 from Understanding Physics (Translational Momentum) is now posted on Blackboard. This is recommended reading.

  10. The second exam is next Friday, 04/03/09. If you did not do as well on the first one, maybe it's time to change how you prepare for this one

  11. Here is a review sheet

  12. A practice test - [Click to Download]
    This is an exam from a previous semester (David Hammer was the instructor)

  13. Solutions to practice test - Have you worked on the exam yet? - [Click to Download]
    (Again, courtesy, David Hammer)

  14. Here are the solutions to the HW-6 Click to Download

  15. Look under the two folders in Course Documents: Chapter5 from Understanding Physics discusses circular motion and forces. Chapter 6 from Understanding Physics discusses friction. Chapter3 from Birkett-Elby is great for refining your understanding of Newton's Third Law.

  16. Here is a page that discusses the grades and some other things about the first exam. Read this page carefully

  17. Solutions to the first exam
    There were several versions of the exam, mostly the options scrambled up. So read the solutions carefully.

  18. Here are the solutions to the HW-4 Click to Download

  19. Here is the HW-5 Click to Download [Due Friday (03/13), start of lecture]

  20. I have posted three chapters from Understanding Physics (Cummings, Laws, Redish, & Cooney) to Blackboard under Course Documents. Chap-3 on 1-D forces, Chap-5 on 2-D motion, and Chap-6 also on forces. These are recommended reading.

  21. A chapter from Birkett and Elby on Newton's Third Law is excellent -- Also posted to Blackboard under Course Documents. This is also recommended reading.