Lecture Monday, March 31:

Start Chapter 7, Cover Definition of Work (Sec 7.1), the Dot Product (Sec 7.2), Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem (Sec 7.4 pg 194-195).

Lecture Wednesday, April 2:

Work done by a variable force, work done by a spring. (Sec 7.3)
Example problems involving work done by gravity, springs etc.

Lecture Friday, April 4:

Situations Involving Kinetic Friction (Sec 7.3, pgs 196-199).
Power (Sec 7.5).
Start Chapter 8 (Sec 8.1)

Lecture Monday, April 7:

Discuss definition of Conservative and Non-conservative force. (Sec 8.2)
Discuss kinetic friction as an example of a non-conservative force.(Sec 8.2)
Examples of conversion of mechanical energy to thermal energy in
the presence of kinetic friction.
Relationship between work done by a conservative force and potential energy.

Lecture Monday, April 9:

More examples of problems with Energy Conservation
It will be useful to have looked at HW 7, Problems P4, P5, P6

Lecture Monday, April 11:

Relationship between conservative forces and potential energy (Section 8.6)
Energy Diagrams and Equilibrium of A System Section 8.7

Lecture Wednesday, April 16:

Introduce momentum, impulse and momentum conservation. Start Chapter 9, Sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3.
Note that we will be finishing Chapter 9 over the next few lectures and will go on to start studying rotational motion i.e., Ch 10 in the middle of next week.

Lecture Friday, April 18:

Conservation of Momentum, Application of Conservation of Momentum in One Dimensional Elastic and Inelastic Collisions. Chapter Chapter 9, Up to Section 9.4.

Lecture Monday, April 21:

Definition of Center of Mass (Sec 9.6); Motion of a System of Particles (Section 9.7)

Lecture Wednesday, April 23:

Motion of center of mass, finish up discussion of Chapter 9

Lecture Friday, April 25:

Finish Chapter 9, Collision in 2D and Motion of Cenetr of Mass
Some examples with calculating Cenetr of Mass
Start Chapter 10, discuss angular and linear quantities.

Lecture Monday, April 28:

Rotational Kinematics, Chapter 10, Sections 10.1-10.2
Rotational Kinetic Energy and Moment of Inertia, Section 10.4

Lecture Wednesday, April 30:

Parallel-Axis Theorem Chapter 10, Section 10.5;
Introduction to Torque, Section 10.6,
Start Section 10.7.

Lecture Friday, May 2:

Finish Chapter 10, Several Examples of torque and angular acceleration etc.

Lecture Monday, May 5:

Start Chapter 11, Rolling Motion, Section 11.1.

Lecture Wednesday, May 7:

More examples of rolling motion +
Introduce Angular Momentum, Section 11.4
Note that I will cover 11.4 first, before doing
Section 11.3.
Intro to Conservation of Angular Momentum.

Lecture Friday, May 9:

Continue with Angular Momentum, Section 11.3
Conservation of Angular Momentum. Section 11.5