Below is a TENTATIVE, ROUGH, NOT FINAL, estimate of your standing in the
class to date. Treat it as such. This is a call for all of you to pick up
your slack wherever you find it.
*. I am not going to entertain questions like: ``I have a 72.29,
can I not get a B?'' At this point, such questions are simply
*. The questions most welcome at this point are like : ``I don't quite
understand moment of inertia, can you explain what the heck it is?''
*. Even `` I don't see how an object could be moving up and accelerating
downwards'' is a welcome question and should be asked NOW.
People will look at you funny if you ask such questions AFTER you graduate
from 161. NOW is the time to get them straight.

Tentative Letter Grades:

Total % greater than 83 ......A
Total % greater than 82 ......Aminus, sitting on the edge
Total % greater than 72.5 ......B
Total % greater than 50 .......C
Total % less than 50......D/F
Everyone, please try to do better on the remaining required elements,
especially the final. People with good grades, don't sit back and relax,
don't get edged out. People wondering if their fate is sealed,
I want to encourage you to do better. Do really, really well and make it
hard for me to give you a bad grade.