What's Included:

Hw 1-8, Lecture Quiz 1-10, All Discussion Quizzes till April 24, Exam I and Exam II.

Were the Lowest 2 Hw, LQ and DQ's Dropped:

NO. But I will drop them at the end of the semester.
This is just to give you an idea of your overall performance so far.

Total Grade Computation:

Lecture Quizzes (LQ) = 10 Points
Discussion Quizzes (DQ) = 15 Points
Homework (HW) = 25 Points
Exam I = 15 Points
Exam II = 15 Points
Total Points So Far = 80 Points
Total Points At The End of Semester = 100.

HW Grade Computation:

Each HW assignment is weighed equally. Refer to the Raw HW Grade page.
Each HW normalized out of 100. Column labeled 100% tells you your
percentage on the HW. Last column labeled HW(25) tells you your total
points out of 25.

LQ Grade Computation:

Simple. Each LQ graded out of 10. Ten LQ's so far.
LQ's are 10% of final grade. So last column tells you your LQ
grade out of 10.

DQ Grade Computation:

Due to snow and such resons, different sections have had
a different number of quizzes so far. I have calculated your
average for ALL the actual quizzes you have taken so far,
calculated the % and then calculated the grade out of 15.

Exam I and ExamII Grade Computation:

Simple. Took the your % on each exam and calculated grade out of 15
for each exam.

How will Grades be Curved?:

Please note that in my class, the traditional grade scales that you are used to from high school do not apply i.e., in my class it is NOT true that 90-100 is an A for example. I curve your TOTAL grade, and by curving I mean I look at how the class does as a whole, I consider the average, the standard deviation AND my expectations of how well people should have done to decide on the letter grades. So please, (i) Your exam grades will be added in the total AS IS. If you got a 70, then you got a 70. (ii) Once all the grades are in, I will decide on what letter grades to assign to different grade ranges. Again, usually in my classes the 90-100 A, 80-90 B, etc ranges DO NOT APPLY. You should look at the posted TENTATIVE letter grade ranges for exam I to get a sene of how letter grades will be assigned in this course.

Cautionary Note:

Note that if your performance on all EXAMS is the same as
that on Exam I and Exam II, your total grade will look a little different
because, remember exams are 50% of the total grade. Right now, Exam I
and II, being worth 15 Points each, account for a total of 30 Points out
of 80 which is worth roughly 37.5% of your current
total grade.