Physics 131 Homework Assignments (Fall 2011)

Prof. E. F. Redish

The weekly homework assignments have two parts.

The lecture homeworks can be obtained by clicking below. The links will be populated the day the previous assignments are due. Once the assignments have been collected, the solutions will be posted on Blackboard.

Due date
Online HW
(due at 10 AM)
Paper HW
(due at beginning of
Wednesday lecture)
9/7 Assignment 1MP Assignment 1L


Assignment 2MP Assignment 2L


Assignment 3MP Assignment 3L


Assignment 4MP Assignment 4L
10/5 Assignment 5MP Assignment 5L
(Not to hand in --
Sample Exam Problems)
10/12 Assignment 6MP Assignment 6L
10/19 Assignment 7MP Assignment 7L
10/26 Assignment 8MP Assignment 8L
11/2 Assignment 9MP Assignment 9L
11/9 Assignment 10MP

Assignment 10L

(Sample Exam Problems)

11/16 Assignment 11MP No assignment
11/21 (Mon) Assignment 12MP Assignment 11L
11/30 Assignment 13MP Assignment 12L
12/7 Assignment 14MP Assignment 13L

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