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The finals are scheduled as follows:

MWF Tues. Dec. 16 @ 1:30pm

Tu-Th Fri. Dec. 19 @ 1:30 pm

Final Review

Saturday Dec. 13 @ 1:00 pm in rm. 1410 Physics Bldg.

Sunday Dec. 14 @ 1pm in rm. 1201 Physics Bldg.

Final Exam: CUMULATIVE (25 problems)

Test Questions are on Line

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Exam Reviews Thursday, Friday Lectures will discuss Exams II and III



Mechanical Waves (Travelling)

Speed of Transverse Pulse on a Stretched String, Periodic Wave, Energy Transport

Standing Waves/String Instruments


Trig Identity

Sound-Wind Instruments

Sound-Doppler Effect

Test I Questions-First Installment

Test I Questions- Second Installment

The E -Field (Coulomb)/Gravitational Field

Flux of E-Field: Gauss' Law

Energy Conservation Principle-Revisited

Dipole in an E-Field


Kirchhoff's Rules: Physical Basis

Fields: Gravitational, Coulomb E, B

Test 2 Questions-First Installment

Test 2 Questions-Second Installment

Ampere's Law- Applications

The Right Hand Rules

BAR Magnet

Non-Coulomb E Field (Induction)

Devices-AC Circuits

The Field Equations (So Far)

Maxwell's Equations: Radiation-Light

Test 3 Questions-First Installment

Test 3 Quesstions-Second Installment

Formation of Images - Mirrors

Formation of Images - Refraction

Thin Lenses

Wave Optics: Interference and Diffraction

Final Test Questions