PHYS121 LAB - Spring 2003


  • (05/01/03) Please note: ALL LAB REPORTS DUE BY MAY 12!
  • (04/18/03) Please click <new version> to download the latest version of Experiment IX: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat. The latest version contains substantial changes and should be used instead of the version in the lab manual!
  • (03/03/03) You are free to join the protest on Wednesday (03/05/03) but I remind you that you are still responsible for doing Lab III and cannot pass the course without it. Please remember that since labs were canceled two weeks ago, you will have only one week to make-up one or more of the first five labs. Use your time wisely.
  • (02/19/03) Thursday's lab sections (Secs. 0101, 0103 and 0303) are canceled for 02/20/03. Lab 4 will be done the week of Feb. 24. Click here to see and download the modified Lab Schedule. Lab reports for Lab 2 for all sections are due the day classes resume.
  • (01/27/03) Please note that there is no heading Prelab for Lab 1, but there are many questions scattered throughout the lab. For the prelab, you are to fill in ALL the Tables and generate ALL the Plots requested.
  • (01/22/03) The laboratory starts the week of Febuary 3! Please read "Lab Procedures and Grading" and prepare the prelab for Lab 1.
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