Lecture HomeWork 4

Physics 121, Fall 2010

Prof. E. F. Redish

Lecture homework consists of 2 parts:

Both parts will be due at the beginning of lecture on Fridays.

No homework will be accepted after the solutions are released on BlackBoard
(at about 2:00 PM on the Friday when it is due).

Homework Assignment 4L
(Due Friday, 9/24/10)

To be done on paper and handed in at the beginning of lecture on Friday (worth 5 pts -- should be typed and printed).


To be done in the MP environment. 3 MP problems (1 pt each) plus the following:

1. Graph for a cart on a tilted airtrack -- with spring (1 pt)

2. Racing model cars (2 pts)

3. Finding the right dose (2 pts)

4. Hitting a bowling ball (1 pt)

5. Making up a lap (3 pts)


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