Lecture HomeWork 2

Physics 121, Fall 2010

Prof. E. F. Redish

Lecture homework consists of 2 parts:

Both parts will be due at the beginning of lecture on Fridays.

No homework will be accepted after the solutions are released on BlackBoard
(at about 2:30 PM on the Friday when it is due).

Homework Assignment 2L
(Due Friday, 9/10/10)

To be done on paper and handed in at the beginning of lecture on Friday (worth 5 pts -- should be typed and printed).

Scaling up

To be done in the MP environment. If you are having trouble getting MP working, you may do these problems on paper and hand them in a separate bing on the lecture desk -- this week only! On these problems note that explanations (in words) are required for each problem.

1. Feeding the cougar

2. Pizza sale

3. Dollar and penny

4. Counting cubes


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