Phys121 Lab/Tutorial - Fall 2008
Attendance Policy and Tutorial HW

Tutorial attendance policy

Participation in the tutorials is an important part of the course. There are homework and exam questions based on the tutorial material, some of which may not be covered in other parts of the course. Tutorials are not mandatory. Because of the critical importance of your participation to both your own learning and to the learning of your group, I expect you to attend regularly. To encourage your regular presence attendance will be taken each day. Those who must miss tutorial and lab due to religious holidays may attend another section during the same week with no penalty. Notify your TA.

Tutorial Homework

There will be homework every week based on that week’s tutorial that you would need to turn in for grading at the following week’s tutorial. The grades from tutorial homework would contribute to your final grade for the course. There might be slight variations in the grading method for tutorial homework depending on your primary instructor (Redish/Hamilton/Liu). So please follow the individual instructions received in class. We will try to post these instructions on the website, but YOU are responsible for making sure that you have the right instructions every week. In case of confusion, contact me (Ayush) or your lecture instructor at the earliest.

Lab attendance policy

The labs are an integral part of this physics course, so missing a lab will affect your comprehension of the course material and impair your progress through both the lab and the lecture part of this course. There are no makeup labs. If you miss or have missed a lab, contact your TA immediately. If have a VALID WRITTEN EXCUSE, you will be allowed to do a makeup activity that will take at least two hours and may involve doing another lab or evaluating one. If you do not have a written excuse, you will get a zero for that lab. If you know that you will be missing the lab some particular week during the semester for a valid reason, let your TA know in advance, as soon as you can. If you miss more than one lab, it can seriously impact your grade (You should arrange to meet with your lecture-instructor and lab-instructor immediately). **Taking days off for travel before/after a religious holiday does not qualify as a valid excuse.

Answers to some FAQs on laboratory attendance