ABOUT the LABORATORY (08/31/03)


Ten experiments are scheduled. To complete Physics 121 you must do every experiment and hand in the lab report. Please review the Rules and Grading Procedures for Physics 121 Laboratories on page 2 of your Lab Manual (Fundamentals of Physics I, Laboratory Manual, Physics 121, Department of Physics, UMCP). As noted there it is essential to study the laboratory manual beforehand to assure the efficient use of limited time. When called for, a correct prelab submitted at the beginning of the lab period will earn 2 of the 22 points credit for that lab. Lab reports are to be handed in at the end of the laboratory period where possible. Lab reports become late one week after the lab. Late lab reports will receive a grade of zero, but they must be handed in nevertheless in order to complete the course’s lab requirement. IF YOU DO NOT HAND IN ALL LAB REPORTS, YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE. Professor R. Park is in charge of the laboratories.


Of course, the lab experiments should be done at the regularly scheduled time.  However, two make-up weeks are scheduled for doing experiments that were missed because of special and pressing circumstances.  The first (8th week, Oct. 19-25)is to make up Labs 1 through 5 (only), and the second (15th week, Dec. 7-13)is for Labs 6 through 10 (only).  You can make up a lab in any regularly scheduled Physics 121 lab period during those weeks, but you should schedule your make-up with your TA at least a week beforehand, if possible.  TA's and lab technicians will be available to assist you.


The sum of your semester’s laboratory reports scores will define your raw lab score. In computing your course grade, your raw lab score will be replaced by your adjusted lab score on the basis of “80% of the Maximum” process, discussed at length in GRADING POLICY: every student who accumulates 80% or more of the maximum possible semester total will receive the same adjusted lab score of 100, the maximum possible adjusted lab score; students who achieve less than 80% of the Maximum, will receive an adjusted lab score equal to the percentage of the 80% threshold which they achieved. These adjusted lab scores will then be renormalized (separately for each TA's group) to define the normalized lab score, NLS, which comprises 20% of the overall Course Score, as described in GRADING POLICY.