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Here you find a list of the subjects covered in this course. A detailed class plan can be found at the homonymous link on the right.
The list provided below closely matches the contents overview of the text book. Nevertheless "deviations" for the textbook are possible. In these cases references and extra material will be provided.
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Physics 117


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Homework & Quiz solutions

Text: Kirkpatrick and Wheeler: Physics, a World View (4th Edition)
Ed.: Brooks/Cole --Thompson Learning

: On Building a World View, pp. 1-3

Ch. 1 Describing Motion, pp. 4-26
Ch. 2 Explaining Motion, pp. 27-51

Ch. 3 Motions in Space, pp. 52-61; 70-77

Ch. 4 Gravity, pp. 78-101

Interlude: The Discovery of Invariants, pp. 102-104

Ch. 5 Momentum, pp. 105-128

Ch. 6 Energy, pp. 129-157

Interlude: The Search for Atoms, pp. 158-160

Ch. 7 Structure of Matter, pp. 161-183

Ch. 8 States of Matter, pp. 184-208

Ch. 9 Thermal Energy, pp. 209-234

Ch. 10 Available Energy, pp. 235-255

Interlude: Universality of Motion, pp. 256-257

Ch. 11 Classical Relativity, pp. 258-284

Ch. 12 Special Relativity, pp. 285-313

Ch. 11 General Relativity, pp. 313-324

Interlude: Waves - Something Else That Moves, pp. 332-333

Ch. 14 Vibrations & Waves, pp. 334-361

Interlude: An Electrical & Magnetic World, pp.470-472

Ch. 19 Electricity, pp. 473-495

Interlude: The Story of the Quantum, pp.548-549

Ch. 22 The Early Atom, pp. 550-578

Ch. 23 The Modern Atom, pp.579-607

: The Subatomic World, pp. 608-609

Epilogue: The Search Goes On, pp. 694-696

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