Physics117: Introduction to Physics

Spring 2008, Sections 0202 & 0203

MWF 12:00 - 12:50 PM; Room Phys. 1410.

LABS: Thursday at 9:00 PM and 4:00PM,

in Room Phys. 3310.

Prof. James J. Griffin



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Click here to CHECK RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS (Latest, WED 5/21/08 A & B): The complete course record of every student has been posted; An error in the solution to #75 of the Final Exam has been corrected in the new Solutions now posted here; (Previously: Five viewgraphs from lectures on the Bohr atom have been posted here; also, in-class Q/A's were updated through WED 4/30; Six viewgraph pages on 2nd Law were posted here; The complete list of One Page Notes' and viewgraph titles is listed at <Homework>.

Near Term Reminders are posted here as the course progresses:
a) The total course records of each student is posted on elms/blackboard/gradebook. Consult the announcement here of 5/21 for detailed explanations, and use your password at elms/blackboard/gradebook to see your course record, including your final letter grade.
b) Have a good summer!

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