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A) (Click here to see the)  Policy on Participation and the Role of Participation in Grading


B) In-Class Questions and Answers


Past in-class participation questions and answers will be posted here from time to time.

Click on the date to see any given question slide and its answer slide: 12/12, 12/10,12/3A*, 12/3B, 12/1,11/26A, 11/26B, 11/24B, 11/24A, 11/21, 11/19, 11/17, 11/14A, 11/14B, 11/12A, 11/12B, 11/10, 11/05, 11/03A, 11/03B, 10/31,: 10/27A, 10/27B, 10/24, 10/22A, 10/22B,: 10/20, 10/17A, 10/17B,10/13B, 10/13A, 10/10B, 10/10A,10/06, 10/01,  9/29A, 9/29B, 9/24A; 9/24B; 9/22; 9/19; 9/17; 9/15; 9/12 .


* Note that Question 12/3A was obscured by the operating bar of the in-clsass screen, and skipped: No clicks were counted for question 12/3A.


 C) Supplementary Short Notes on Specific Topics:


Short Notes on Specific Topics, provided for specific topics in support of the text book,  

can be found and accessed at HOMEWORK.