(Fall 2008)


There will be three (3) fifty-minute Hourly Tests and a two hour Final Exam. All tests and exams are open book. Bring with you whatever notes and texts you wish, and your hand-held self-powered calculator. Also, bring a pen to sign your name, and a #2 pencil to complete the exam answer sheet. Finally be sure to have your student ID with you. If you are not recognized you will have to produce it in order to take the exam. And do not bring a cell phone, or any device which can communicate by wireless, into the exam room. We take a negative view towards communication, or even the capacity for communication, during exams.


NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN. Instead the lowest scored (after renormalization) hour of the five exam hours (3 Hourly Exams plus the two hour Final Exam) for each student will be dropped. Thus, if one of the hourly exam scores is lowest, it will be dropped. Or, if the final exam score is the lowest, then the final exam score will be weighted only once, not twice. Then a student who misses an hourly exam will earn a zero, and that score will automatically be the one dropped. NOTE: If a student misses two hourly exams or the final exam, he automatically fails the course. YOU MUST TAKE THE FINAL EXAM and at least two hourly exams to complete the course.


If the University closes for any reason on an exam day, the exam will be given during the next lecture period. Also, if ever you are delayed in getting to an exam, come late rather than not at all, since it is sometimes possible to arrange extra time for a late student, whereas it would be quite impossible to re-administer the same exam at a later non-overlapping time.


Exam Schedule


In accord with the Official Final Examination Schedule, the final exam for Physics 117, all sections, is scheduled for


Thursday, December 18, 1:30 3:30 PM.


at a location to be announced (but perhaps in our 1410 lecture hall). YOU MUST TAKE THE FINAL EXAM TO PASS THE COURSE. (If for religious reasons you are unable to take the Final Exam, or any Hourly Exam, at the scheduled time, please speak to Dr. Griffin about alternative arrangements at least one month before the exam date.)



The three in-class hourly exams are tentatively scheduled for the classes of


Friday, October 3;
Friday, November 7; and
Friday, December 5.


Plan to arrive as early as possible in order to locate your assigned seating for the exam.


Pre-Exam Question and Answer Sessions are scheduled before each exam. See the Syllabus for times and places.