Physics 106 Fall 2006

Light, Perception, Photography, and Visual Phenomena (3 cr)


Prof. Jordan A. Goodman


Office: 4328 Physics       Phone: 301-405-6033

Course Syllabus is here

Course Description: The goal of this course is to learn about light and associated phenomena. We will cover a broad range of topics including light, lenses, photography, vision, and color. This is a physics course, so we will approach these subjects with a rationalist perspective, but it is intended for non-scientists and will use a minimum of mathematics.

Course website:

Blackboard software: Our course will utilize Blackboard software for homework assignments, notes, discussion and announcements. The link to our class is found through

Office Hours: Wednesday 3-5 (and anytime you drop by and I am there...)

CORE Info:   Phys107 must be taken concurrently with Phys106 in order to meet the CORE Physical Science Lab (PL) requirement.   Phys106 taken alone will not satisfy the CORE non-lab science (PS) requirement!

Text:                 Seeing the Light by Falk, Brill, and Stork (Wiley, 1986).