The following objects or topics are covered extensively in the lectures and textbook for Physics 104. You would have difficulty writing a paper on one of these subjects that is truly your own work. It would be just too easy and too tempting to copy my approach, my thoughts, even my words. My lectures and notes should be only part of the reference materials you use for your term paper. Find an object that I do not discuss directly in depth and use similarities between your object and some of mine to identify the physical principles that make your object work. -- Lou Bloomfield

Air Conditioners  Air Purification  Airplanes 
Audio Amplifiers  Automobile Engines  Automobiles 
Balloons  Baseball  Bicycles 
Cameras  Compact Disc Players  Centrifuges 
Clocks  Computers  Electric Motors 
Electrical Power Distribution  Electrical Power Generation  Elevators 
Falling Balls  Flashlights  Fluorescent Lamps 
Glass  Heat Pumps  Incandescent Light Bulbs 
Knives  Lasers  Magnetic Resonance Imaging 
Magnetically Levitated Trains  Medical Imaging  Medical Radiation 
Microscopes  Microwave Ovens  Nuclear Reactors 
Nuclear Weapons  Pipe Organs  Plastics 
Radio  Ramps  Refrigerators 
Rockets  Roller Coasters  Scales 
Seesaws  Sunlight  Tape Recorders 
Telescopes  Television  Thermometers 
Thermostats  Vacuum Cleaners  Violins 
Water Faucets  Water Purification  Water, Steam, and Ice 
Wheels  Xerographic Copiers