All of these topics can form the basis for a good term paper. This list is not comprehensive. It is taken from the topics chosen by students in previous semesters at UVA. Some topics are certainly better than others. Some depend on physical concepts not discussed in this semester's material and may be difficult for you to do well. There are many other fine topics that do not appear below.

Aerosol Cans  Aerosol Sprayers  Air Brakes 
Airbags  Amusement Park Rides  Aqualungs 
Artificial Hearts  Audio Speakers  Automobile Safety Belts 
Ball Point Pens  Ballet  Basketball Shoes 
Beer Kegs  Beserker  Bicycle Helmets 
Billiards  Blimps  Blowguns 
Boats  Bobsledding  Boomerangs 
Bowling  Bows and Arrows  Bungee Jumping 
Burglar Alarms  Butane Lighters  Cable Cars 
Can Openers  Cannons  Canoeing 
Carousels  Catamarans  Catapults 
Chainsaws  Coffee Makers  Combines 
Crossbows  Curling Irons  Dancing 
Darts  Discus  Dishwashers 
Diving Boards  Doorbells  Drums 
Electric Blankets  Electric Fencing  Electric Guitars 
Electric Irons  Escalators  Fax Machines 
Fire Extinguishers  Fish  Fishing Rods 
Flashlights  Fly Fishing  Foosball 
Football  Gliders  Global Navigation Systems 
Golf  Grandfather Clocks  Guitars 
Gumball Machines  Guns  Gymnastics 
Gyroscopes  Hair Dryers  Hang Gliders 
Helicopters  Hockey  Hot Tubs 
Hover Craft  Human Hearts  Humidifiers 
Hydraulic Theatres  Hydrofoils  Ice Hockey 
Ice Skating  Infrared Remote Controls  Jet Skis 
Kites  Lacrosse  Lava Lamps 
Lawn Mowers  Lawn Sprinklers  Mechanical Pencils 
Metal Detectors  Microphones  Mousetraps 
Oscillating Fans  Overhead Projectors  Paddle Ball 
Parachutes  Pencil Sharpeners  Phonographs 
Pianos  Ping-Pong  Pneumatic Screwdrivers 
Pogo Sticks  Pole Vault  Pool 
Pool Filter Systems  Popcorn  Printing Presses 
Radar  Radar Guns  Revolvers 
Rifles  Rock Climbing  Rollerblades 
Rowing  Running  Running Shoes 
Sailboats  Scissors Jacks  Seatbelts 
Sewing Machines  Ships  Skateboards 
Skiing  Sleds  Slinkies 
Smoke Detectors  Solar Heating  Space Heaters 
Springboard Diving  Stage Lighting  Staplers 
Stealth Jets  Steam Engines  Submarines 
Surfboards  Swimming  Swing Sets 
Tennis  Thunderstorms  Toasters 
Toilets  Torpedoes  Tower Cranes 
Toy Cars  Tubas  Vending Machines 
Water Clocks  Water Guns  Water Skiing 
Waterwheels  Weight Machines  Wind Surfers 
Wind Tunnels  Windmills  Wrestling