Contemporary Physics -- Revolutions in Physics

Physics 101 (Fall, 2003), Secs. 0101, 0102

How can you get "A" in this course? Ask questions whenever you feel like. Do not be afraid of your classmates who might laugh at you. If you are afraid of them, you are not likely to get A.

Indeed, there is only one difference between Genius and Idiot. Genius can learn things from Idiot, but Idiot cannot learn anything from Genius (from a Chinese fortune cookie). Genius is thus not afraid of asking questions, but Idiot cannot ask. Do you like to be a genius or an idiot? It is completely up to you!

His office is always open to you. You can come in anytime you wish to discuss physics.

Your instructor likes to talk with students. Here is a photo with two polish students taken at one of the bus stations in Warsaw. He will love to talk with you whenever you meet him.