CMTC Talks
Condensed Matter Theory Center talks are held in 4402 Atlantic Building at the times shown below except when an alternate room is indicated.

Fall 2019

September 11 11:00 AM CMTC Fall Symposium
September 17 11:00 AM Informal CMTC Seminar by Jason Kestner (UMBC)
Charge Noise Induced Decoherence in Spin Qubits
September 24 11:00 AM Connie Mousatov (Stanford)
Two theories of strange and bad metals
September 26 3:30 PM Informal CMTC Seminar by Yi-Ting Hsu (CMTC, Maryland)
Topological phases in the real world
October 15 11:00 AM Johnpierre Paglione (Maryland)
Exotic superconductivity in nearly ferromagnetic UTe2
November 1 11:00 AM Informal CMTC Seminar by Noah Fanqi Yuan (MIT)
Moire laboratory of rescaled solids: graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide systems
November 5 11:00 AM Cenke Xu (UCSB)
Generic "Unnecessary" Quantum Critical Points
December 3 11:00 AM Nandini Trivedi (Ohio State)
December 10 11:00 AM Max Metlitski (MIT)

Spring 2019

February 5 2:00 PM Tom Iadecola (Maryland)
Quantum Many-Body Physics Beyond Ground States
February 26 2:00 PM Joseph Weston (TU Delft)
Effective quantum transport simulations with Kwant
March 11 2:00 PM Congjun Wu (UCSD)
Symmetry and Correlation Aspects of Quantum Dynamics
March 13 11:00 AM Rajdeep Sensarma (TIFR, India)
Probing Many Body Localization
March 28 2:00 PM Richard Greene (UMD)
LOCATION: 1201 John S. Toll Physics Building
The Strange Metal State of the Electron-Doped Cuprates
April 16 2:00 PM Fiona Burnell (Minnesota)
Constraints, anyons, and finding (thermal) equilibrium
April 23 2:00 PM Michael Hermele (CU Boulder)
Abelian and non-Abelian excitations in fracton phases of matter
May 6 2:00 PM Taylor Hughes (UIUC)
Higher Order Topological Phases: Quadrupoles, Meta-materials, and Beyond
May 14 2:00 PM Victor Yakovenko (Maryland)
Economic inequality from a statistical physics point of view
May 20-22 11AM-4:15PM CMTC Spring Symposium
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