CMTC Talks
Condensed Matter Theory Center talks are held in Room 2205 Toll Physics Building at the times shown below except when an alternate room is indicated.

Spring 2018

February 7 11:00 AM Mark Rudner (Niels Bohr Institute)
Quantized transport, topology and thermalization in anomalous Floquet insulators
February 16 11:15 AM John Nichol (Rochester)
Why do spin qubits dephase?
March 16 10:00AM-3:30PM CMTC Symposium
March 22 2:00 PM Sankar Das Sarma (University of Maryland)
Special CMTC Seminar/CNAM Colloquium
Linear-in-T resistivity, violation of Mott-Ioffe-Regel criterion, and disobedience of Wiedemann-Franz law: Is this enough to accuse a metal of being ‘strange’ or ‘bad’?
Location: Room 1201 Toll Physics Building
March 28 11:00 AM Liang Fu (MIT)
Topology of finite-lifetime quasipartices and non-Hermitian quantum mechanics
April 2 1:30 PM Itamar Kimchi (MIT)
Data collapse and scaling theory of frustration and disorder in quantum magnets
April 3 11:00 AM Qimiao Si (Rice)
Magnetism and topology in strongly correlated metals
April 19 4:00 PM Andrew Lucas (Stanford)
Special Joint CMTC/MCFP Colloquium
Fast scrambling on sparse graphs
Location: Physical Sciences Complex Room 3150
April 27 11:00 AM Michael Pretko (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Tensor Gauge Theories of Fractons
May 1 11:00 AM Jeffrey Teo (University of Virginia)
Coupled wire models of new quantum Hall states and fractional topological insulators
June 8 11:00 AM Tero Heikkilä (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
Asymptotic flat band superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene and other systems
June 20 11 AM Christopher Mudry (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland)
A model of chiral spin liquids with tunable chiral edge states

Fall 2017

September 19 11 AM Isaac Kim (IBM Research)
Global symmetries and protected quantum gates
September 26 11 AM Chong Wang (Harvard)
A Web of Dualities in Condensed Matter Physics: from Quantum Hall Effect to Exotic Quantum Criticality
October 10 11 AM Jason Petta (Princeton)
Coherent Coupling of a Single Spin to a Single Photon in Silicon
October 17 11 AM Oskar Vafek (Florida State University)
Hunds interaction, spin-orbit coupling and the mechanism of superconductivity in heavily hole-doped iron pnictides
November 14 11 AM Xuedong Hu (University at Buffalo)
Dynamics and Coherence of a Driven Spin Qubit
November 15-17 9 AM CMTC Fall Symposium
Wed, Nov 15 (9:00am-4:20pm) - Topological, MBL, and Entanglement
Thu, Nov 16 (9:00am-12:20pm) - Magnetism and Lattices
Fri, Nov 17 (9:00am-4:20pm) - Majorana and Spin Qubits
November 21 11 AM Shubhayu Chatterjee (Harvard) — Informal seminar
Intertwining topological order and discrete broken symmetries in the hole-doped cuprates via quantum fluctuating antiferromagnetism
November 28 11 AM Andrew Lucas (Stanford)
Signatures of electronic hydrodynamics in electrical and thermal transport
December 5 11 AM Mark A. Eriksson (Wisconsin)
Quantum control of spins in silicon
December 8 11 AM Shaffique Adam (Yale-NUS College)
The role of electron-electron interactions in disordered Dirac fermions

Spring 2017

February 10 Rescheduled for 3 PM Bertrand I. Halperin (Harvard)
Perspectives on the half-filled Landau level
February 21 11 AM Senthil Todadri (MIT)
Composite Fermi Liquids in the Lowest Landau Level
February 28 11 AM Yi-Zhuang You (Harvard)
Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological States: Theory, Numerics, and Experimental Platform
March 8 11 AM-4:15 PM 2017 Spring CMTC Symposium
March 28 11 AM Congjun Wu (UCSD)
Novel orbital phases in optical lattices and solids – unconventional BECs and large gap topological states
April 4 11 AM Roger Melko (University of Waterloo)
Machine Learning the Many-Body Problem
April 18 11 AM QingLin He (UCLA)
Chiral Majorana fermion edge state in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator-superconductor structure
April 25 11 AM Aris Alexandradinata (Yale)
Orbital magnetization, geometric phase, and the modern theory of magnetic breakdown
May 2 11 AM Robert Konik (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Studies of the Loschmidt Echo and Entanglement Spreading in Two Dimensional Anisotropic Spin System
May 9 11 AM John Imbrie (UVA)
Many-Body Localization: Stability and Instability
June 2 11 AM Xin (Sunny) Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
On the advantage of barrier over tilt control of a singlet-triplet spin qubit
July 19 11 AM Christina Knapp (UCSB)
Scalable Designs for Majorana-Based Quantum Computing



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