CMTC Talks
Condensed Matter Theory Center talks are held in Room 2205 Toll Physics Building at the times shown below except when an alternate room is indicated.

Spring 2017

February 10 Rescheduled for 3 PM Bertrand I. Halperin (Harvard)
Perspectives on the half-filled Landau level
February 21 11 AM Senthil Todadri (MIT)
Composite Fermi Liquids in the Lowest Landau Level
February 28 11 AM Yi-Zhuang You (Harvard)
Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological States: Theory, Numerics, and Experimental Platform
March 8 11 AM-4:15 PM 2017 Spring CMTC Symposium
March 28 11 AM Congjun Wu (UCSD)
Novel orbital phases in optical lattices and solids unconventional BECs and large gap topological states
April 4 11 AM Roger Melko (University of Waterloo)
Machine Learning the Many-Body Problem
April 18 11 AM QingLin He (UCLA)
Chiral Majorana fermion edge state in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator-superconductor structure
April 25 11 AM Aris Alexandradinata (Yale)
Orbital magnetization, geometric phase, and the modern theory of magnetic breakdown
May 2 11 AM Robert Konik (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Studies of the Loschmidt Echo and Entanglement Spreading in Two Dimensional Anisotropic Spin System
May 9 11 AM John Imbrie (UVA)
Many-Body Localization: Stability and Instability



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