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Students should seek advising at any time difficulties arise. The earlier a student seeks advising, the easier it is to resolve these difficulties. The undergraduate advisor's office is in room 1120 of the Physics Building. Students are also encouraged to meet regularly with their faculty advisor. Each physics major is assigned a faculty advisor by the undergraduate advisor. Students should also take advantage of the Universtity's academic support resources, such as the Learning Assistance Service.

Early Registration Advising

Advising is mandatory each semester prior to early registration. During registration advising, physics majors must meet with both the undergraduate advisor and their faculty advisor. Students should come to advising sessions, with their course information filled out on the advising record, prepared to discuss their progress in their courses and their plans for future semesters and after graduation. Career planning is especially important now that the physics department has added two new concentrations (Meteorology Physics and Educations Physics) to the program. Information about the University's early registration process (e.g., registration appointment date, registration blocks, etc.) is available on Testudo's Registration site.

Exceptions to Policy

Students in need of exceptions to academic policy (e.g., adding or dropping a class after the deadline, registering for more than 16 credits, repeating a course more than once) should meet with the undergraduate advisor to discuss the reasons for needing the exception to policy. Exceptions related to University Policy can only be granted by the College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Dean's Office. The Physics Department's undergraduate advisor will discuss how policy affects his or her situation and suggest ways to improve his or her chances of being granted an exception.

Double Majors/Double Degrees

Information about University requirements for double majors and double degrees is available in chapter 4 of the undergraduate catalog. To declare a double major, students must receive approval from the departments and the colleges involved. If you plan to declare a double major with physics as one major, you should schedule an appointment with the Physics Department's undergraduate advisor as soon as possible to make sure that you can graduate in a timely manner. Note that CORE Advanced Studies is usually satisfied automatically when students double major. However, students double-majoring in physics and astronomy must choose Advance Studies courses from departments other than physics and astronomy.


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